Spiral Welding

How We Use Spiral Welding to Repair Items for Our Customers

One of our fastest growing in house services is spiral welding, this service focuses on the repair and recovery of damaged shafts and motor pumps of varying sizes, by completing this process we improve the mechanical strength of the components. Chemical analysis of the parent metal is carried out and matched specifically to the metal deposited. We take pride in our spiral welding services and guarentee that repaired parts will be finished to fine tolerances.

The rapidly expanding process enables companies to continue to run machinery and equipment with potentially expired motors or shafts at full working capacity. In many cases, new components may no longer be available on the market, so spiral welding offers an attractive to the expensive system re-design which would otherwise be necessary.

The process is carried out by means of synchronized rotators matched specifically to the weld head. We offer this service throughout a range of sizes up to 10 tonne.This process gives old shafts a new life span. We also offer cast iron and cast aluminium repairs on broken casings and housings.

So before you write off expensive or obsolete equiment mentioned above, speak to one of our technical experts who will be more than happy to offer advice and assistance. 


Direct Engineering

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