Spiral Welding

At Direct Engineering, we specialize in spiral welding as a method to repair and recover damaged shafts and motor pumps of various sizes.

This service is one of our fastest-growing in-house offerings, and we are proud to deliver high-quality, reliable repairs that improve the mechanical strength of components and extend their lifespan.

How Spiral Welding Works

Spiral welding involves the use of synchronized rotators matched specifically to the weld head, enabling precise and consistent application of weld material in a spiral pattern around the shaft or component. This process not only repairs damaged areas but also reinforces the entire component, enhancing its mechanical strength.

Chemical Analysis for Perfect Match

To ensure the optimal bonding and performance of the repair, we conduct a chemical analysis of the parent metal of the damaged component. We then select a weld material that matches the parent metal’s chemical composition, ensuring the repaired part exhibits similar mechanical properties and performance characteristics.

Benefits of Spiral Welding

  1. Cost Savings: Spiral welding offers a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new components, which can be particularly expensive or difficult to find for older machinery.
  2. Extending Equipment Life: The spiral welding process not only repairs damaged parts but also enhances their mechanical strength, giving them a new lease on life and preventing costly downtime.
  3. Obsolete Equipment Recovery: In cases where new components are no longer available on the market, spiral welding provides a solution to keep machinery and equipment running without the need for expensive system redesigns.

Additional Repair Services

In addition to spiral welding, we also offer cast iron and cast aluminum repairs for broken casings and housings. Our skilled technicians can restore the functionality and integrity of damaged components, helping to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Expert Advice and Assistance

Before writing off expensive or obsolete equipment, speak to one of our technical experts. We will be more than happy to provide advice and assistance on how spiral welding and other repair services can help you get the most out of your equipment.

Get in Touch

For more information on our spiral welding services and how we can assist with your repair needs, please contact Direct Engineering & Site Services at +44 (0) 1246 260 058 or email info@directeng.co.uk.

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