Material Handling Installations

Direct Engineering provides comprehensive material handling solutions tailored to fit your specific needs.

With a wealth of industry knowledge, we have earned a reputation for delivering quality products that optimise storage and material handling processes.

Our services encompass custom design and manufacturing of a wide array of equipment for material handling. We specialise in stainless steel day bins, angel hair traps, anti-wear bends, manifold tables, FIBC bag support frames, stillages, mezzanine floors, and access platforms. All of these products are designed with the highest standards in mind to serve various industries, including manufacturing, food processing, and chemical sectors.

Our experienced site teams operate throughout the UK and Europe, providing end-to-end service from initial design to final installation. We take pride in our ability to meet unique requirements and offer solutions that enhance operational efficiency and productivity.

Our innovative approach shines in products like our specially designed anti-wear bends. Made from 316 stainless steel, these bends are engineered to last up to ten times longer than standard stainless steel bends. This longevity reduces maintenance costs and enhances system reliability.

At Direct Engineering, we are committed to delivering material handling solutions that help streamline your operations and improve overall efficiency. Whether you need standard equipment or a bespoke design, our team is here to assist you.

Get in Touch

To learn more or discuss your material handling requirements, reach out to Direct Engineering & Site Services at +44 (0) 1246 260 058 or email We are dedicated to helping you optimize your operations and achieve your material handling goals.

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