Laser Cutting

Precision and Quality with Trumph Laser Cutting

At Direct Engineering, we pride ourselves on offering a highly competitive laser cutting service in terms of both lead time and price, ensuring that every laser profile is inspected according to customer expectations for total quality assurance.

Our dedicated laser cutting division collaborates closely with new or existing customers on prototypes and large projects, delivering laser precision profiles to a wide range of industries.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Precision

Our advanced laser cutting has gained popularity due to its capacity for high-precision flat profiles with a tolerance of 0.1mm and impressive cut quality. The Trumph laser machine is equipped with the latest offline computer software, allowing for intricate shapes and eliminating the need for additional machining processes. Our ongoing investment in the laser division enables Direct Engineering to offer competitive pricing, high efficiency with minimal wastage, and exceptional customer service. Our laser cutting capacity is as follows:

  • Mild Steel – up to 20mm
  • Stainless Steel – up to 15mm
  • Aluminium – up to 10mm

Comprehensive Services

Our laser cutting department collaborates closely with our press shop and sheet metal fabrication division. Our press brakes can fold profiles up to 3m long and up to 140 tonnes, with an extensive range of tooling that accommodates anything from simple 90-degree folds to complex HTM profiles for the NHS.

In addition to laser cutting, Direct Engineering also offers the following services:

  • Press Work
  • Sheet Metal Rolling
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Powdercoating/Painting
  • Chrome Plating/Zinc Plating/Anodising
  • Case Hardening/Chemical Blacking

Get in Touch

For further information on how we can assist with your next project, please call Direct Engineering & Site Services on +44 (0) 1246 260 058 or email us at

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